Author: Wendy Irene

How to Stop Playing Games!

How to stop playing games seems like a tough topic to approach. With a little over 10 years of marriage under my belt there is one thing I’ve learned to be incredibly important when it comes to communicating with your spouse- ask for what you need or want in an honest, straightforward approach. It is so easy to fall into the trap of trying to manipulate your partner or play games to get what you want. However, that type of approach creates bad energy between you. Let’s face it; no one likes to be manipulated, not only in marriage but in...

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Be Yourself – It’s Good For You

Be yourself?  Yes, I know we’ve all heard this cliché a million times – be yourself – but the truth is it can be much easier said than done. Just what does being yourself mean anyway? What I know for sure is that it takes courage and a lot of self-confidence to be yourself when meeting someone for the first time, and especially if you’re newly dating. My husband and I met at a young age on the college scene. As insane as that time period was, there was one particular trait that I picked up on right away...

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