Why Most Relationship Advice for Men Doesn’t Work

Whether it’s in regard to dating, relationships, or marriage, have you ever noticed that the advice out there towards men seems to work in the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish?

That’s because the narrative has changed over the last 40 plus years.

In the majority of publications that do exist you tend to find stereotypical anecdotes: smokin’ hot models and perhaps some well-intended, but misguided information.

While they make for great distractions and entertainment, let’s face it, guys are already experts at checking out beautiful women and being entertained.

This works on a variety of levels and you’ll find plenty of it here, however, it does little towards refining who you are as a man.

The serious help is needed when it comes to the dynamics involved with women is making yourself a better man, discovering and enhancing your goals in life and finding your main purpose/mission.

Entertainment outlets fail to cover those topics, they are there to entertain.

You’re about to find out why, as well as the what you can do today, to get informed and start being proactive.

All Relationship Advice for Men Won’t Work for All Men

What applies while you’re single doesn’t when you’re in the field dating.

Dating differs from when you’re in an exclusive or committed relationship, and being married is completely distinct from it all.

It’s an amazing ballad full of ups and downs, riddled with details, concerns, questions, and doubts.

If you’ve ever experienced a woman in your life say one thing, but mean another, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Instead of being a victim of circumstance and ignorance, you can become a man who truly acquires the most out of his time, energy, relationship and life.

There’s a common misconception that relationships and difficulty go hand in hand.

Another which states that it’s impossible to understand what women want.

Even worse is the notion that in order to find true fulfillment with someone you must sacrifice or compromise on some level.

These paradigms do nothing but destroy your ability to acquire a high-quality relationship and woman in your life.

They’ve been poisoning your mindset and behavior and The Acquiring Man is the antidote.

It has been said that there are two main choices in life:

To accept conditions as they exist

Or accept the responsibility to change them

Which do you choose?

Let’s shatter the old patterns of the past and forge a new direction together.

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