Katy Johnson is a woman on a mission. Aside from her successful modeling career she is traveling the world and filming her own documentary focused on inspiring and empowering women. Today she’s here to talk to us about meeting new people, what her definition of a fulfilling relationship is, and more!


Katy Johnson Interview

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What annoys you most about today’s dating scene?

I  just got out of a 7-year relationship and I truly haven’t dated much, I’m just so picky and American guys just don’t seem to be as romantic and chivalrous as the Europeans. (My ex-was British)

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What is your preferred way to meet new people?

I honestly am so extroverted I meet people everywhere! I literally can walk into anywhere and I’ll just start speaking to people about what they’re eating, wearing, the weather, I’m that person that just starts convos and doesn’t shut up a lot as well! Haha!

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Which qualities draw you into someone new?

I love people that are confident and fun, I love people that are engaging and silly and don’t act too good or uptight!

What do you believe are the keys to a lasting (and fulfilling relationship)?

Honesty, Love, and not expecting so much, I think we expect so much out of our partners, we expect them to be perfect and to always cater to our needs but that’s unfair and unrealistic. You need to work together to make your relationship work, they’re not easy and so many people just give up. Remember it’s a team effort, find someone you want to be team mates forever with not someone you just have great sexual chemistry or you’re super attracted to as that all fades and changes.

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Which 3 qualities would you say you prefer most in a man?

Kindness, sense of humor, compassion.>

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Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to dating/meeting guys?

I dislike liars, smokers, arrogance, and dirt under the fingernails! Yuck!

Katy Johnson is an American actress, model, and show host. She has been featured in GQ, Maxim, FHM, Glamour, People, Max, and LA Fashion Magazine.  Katy has modeled for clothing and swimwear brands like Hannah Jo, Anja, CantiqLA, Beach Bliss, Mary Grace Swim, Arden B, MintLA, and Varley.  Katy is beginning work on her documentary “One Model Mission,” in which she intends to visit 196 countries and document 196 definitions of beauty as defined by each culture.  Her mission is to be the first model to travel to every single country with the purpose of finding beauty in women of all shapes, sizes, and forms.  The film was inspired by Katy’s own personal struggles with body image and the demands for ‘ideal perfection’ in the entertainment industry.

Fresh out of high school, Katy packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles from her hometown of Boone, Iowa. She since has lived in Europe, as well as traveled 30 countries.  Her passion for animal rights is why Katy is a member of PETA and the National Humane Society.  Katy is also a huge advocate for suicide prevention and awareness, having had a personal tragedy in her life involving a former boyfriend. She is a serving member of The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Be sure to follow Katy on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  For the latest on Katy’s documentary, you can follow her Facebook page One Model Mission.

Photo Credit: Eduardo Ceballos / Shandrew PR