Author: Jason Anthony

Laci Kay Somers Interview

Laci Kay Somers is a modeling/media phenom, passionate and dedicated vocalist, and anti-bullying advocate. With an amazing fan base of over 8 Million, she’s stopped by today talk dating and relationships with us. Laci Kay Somers Interview 1) What do you think is the most difficult thing about relationships in today’s world? Communication and making sure your partner is a top priority is probably the biggest challenge in today’s society. Everything is digital now, so communicating is key when it comes to conveying how you feel towards your partner, or what you’re thinking. Also with how busy everyone is these...

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Katy Johnson Interview

Katy Johnson is a woman on a mission. Aside from her successful modeling career she is traveling the world and filming her own documentary focused on inspiring and empowering women. Today she’s here to talk to us about meeting new people, what her definition of a fulfilling relationship is, and more!   Katy Johnson Interview What annoys you most about today’s dating scene? I  just got out of a 7-year relationship and I truly haven’t dated much, I’m just so picky and American guys just don’t seem to be as romantic and chivalrous as the Europeans. (My ex-was British)...

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Julia Faye West Interview

Julia Faye West is no stranger to hard work.  A recent star of a parody film called “A Weekend In London” which costarred Denise Richards and Mike Tyson, she has also worked in over 50 productions! Today she’s here to share some wisdom on first impressions, dates, and the challenges men and women face today. Julia Faye West Interview What’s the biggest mistake men seem to make when going for that first impression? If you want a shot at anything, I’ll give you the exact formula for assuring she wants you. First, initiate something if there’s a common reason....

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Tish Linendoll Interview

Who has a black belt in tae-kwon-do, is an award-recognized clarinet player, and also a model and actress? Tish Linendoll. In addition to her amazing accomplishments, she also has some great advice to share when it come to modern dating, chivalry, and what it takes to stand out from the crowd. Tish Linendoll Interview Due to options (i.e. technology) do you think men have it tougher when it comes to meeting women? I feel that options like technology make it easier for men to meet women.  From personal experience, I feel as though men can be reluctant to approach...

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Krystle Lina Interview

Multi-talented is an understatement when it comes to Krystle Lina.  Not only has she been featured in publications such as Playboy and Maxim, but her work behind the camera has been published in the same, as well as Sports Illustrated. Krystle Lina Interview When it comes to relationships, are you more inclined to ask for what you want or give subtle hints?  I’m extremely direct, I have no problem telling someone what I want, and what I don’t want or like. Of all the traits a man can possess which to you think are the most important?  The most...

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