Author: Claudia Maittlen-Harris

Nice Guys Finish Last – An Age-Old Myth

We’ve all heard men complain that nice guys finish last, and most women will admit to falling for a bad boy at least once. But is the idea that nice guys finish last really accurate? Typically women don’t reject guys just because they are nice. Often ‘nice’ is code for needy, boring, insecure, socially awkward or bad in bed. Women are just too nice to say it. When a woman half-heartedly describes a guy, saying “I mean he’s really nice, it’s just…” men should focus on the last half of that sentence and not the first half. Niceness is not...

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How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

How to get out of the friend zone is a situation which plagues many men. It happens more than most men want to admit. They like a girl, they have a fun, easy banter, and before they know it, they are stuck in the friend zone. Too many men linger in the friend zone when they clearly want more. Since it can be frustrating, masochistic, self-sabotaging and ultimately unhealthy, it’s best to recognize it and get out of there. You can’t blame women. They don’t think each of their guy friends is into them, and they aren’t. So it...

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Women Don’t Want to Date Peter Pan, So Stop Acting Like Him

Women don’t want to date Peter Pan and it’s easy to understand why men get stuck with the Peter Pan label. What little kid wasn’t inspired by the story of Peter Pan. He never grows up (nor does he want to), he spends most of his time hanging out with his friends (the Lost Boys), he flirts shamelessly with Tinker Bell, he is an adventurer – if not an adrenaline junkie sparring with Hook, and he completely charms sweet Wendy and her brothers. J.M Barrie was writing a children’s story not a dating archetype, but today’s lifestyle has turned...

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