Author: Jodi Ambrose

‘Tis the Season… To Charm Her Pants Off

There are basically 3 kinds of people around the holidays. People who love them and look forward to them all year People who barely tolerate them (or downright can’t stand them) People who could care less If you fall into Category 1, awesome. If you fall into Category 2 or 3, suck it up, because the holidays can be a great time to show your girl how special she is. Now, as you guys know if you’ve read any of my other articles or books, I believe in cherishing your woman all year round, but a special effort around...

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Questions to Avoid in a Relationship

Not sure about which questions to avoid in a relationship or when to avoid them? There’s a significant difference between communication and baiting your partner. I recently read an article that listed almost 100 fun questions to ask your boyfriend. As I read through them, all I could think was, “Yeah, if you are looking to pick a fight or end the relationship, or be lied to.” Quite frankly, I was horrified by about 75% of the questions. Luckily, I had both my husband and a guy friend of mine in the same room with me as I read...

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Is it Cheating if it’s Online?

Is it cheating if it’s online? I’d venture to say that for most people, the idea of hot new nookie is pretty delicious. There is something about the mystery of a new body and what that person can do with that body that entices us to fantasize about spending a few hours with the sexy new chick at the office or gym. You know how it is…you spot her bending over a desk with her pert little backside up in the air. Or you see her doing squats in front of a mirror and kinda wish you were under...

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Chivalry is Not Dead, Dammit!

Chivalry is not dead! And who knew sex could be so easy to get (and free!)? Okay, so we live in a world where the line between the sexes gets thinner and thinner each year. While in some ways I’m all about that, in other ways I find it a bit disappointing and disheartening. One of the wonderful things about being a woman is being made to feel like a woman. Just like guys like to feel strong and masculine and needed, I think the majority of women like to feel special and valued and taken care of. Enter:...

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Have More Sex In Your Relationship

Would you like to have more sex in your relationship? Sounds like paradise, eh? Unless you are one of those couples that only has hot, steamy sex after a long and arduous battle, then I’d imagine that you’d probably like a little peace in the house. Right? There are few things worse to worry about during the day than knowing half the time you are going to go home to a fight. Or, that she’s going to do something that drives you mad and you know your temper is going to flare. Wouldn’t it just be delightful to figure...

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