be confident without being cockySome men tread on thin water when it comes to realizing that you can be confident without being cocky.

It’s one thing to be funny with a genuine grace and charm – it’s another to come off as an arrogant asshole.

Being confident comes from a state of internal and external self-assurance.

It’s a good feeling, natural look and smile that allows you to flirt in the right way.

Being arrogant sends out condescending signals and can lower your effectiveness when it comes to attraction (for both men and women).

A number of how-to’s guides and dating experts emphasize the importance of being confident with a sense of humor but many men are getting lost in translation.

You may be interested in what best selling author Jillian Lauren and the entertaining Melinda Hill, of Eat My Podcast, have to say about it.

The Game is Lame – Be Confident Without Being Cocky

As we discussed on Eat My Podcast (ep 8 interview w/ Maria Bamford ) we think “The Game” is super lame.

The only girl who would fall for a guy “negging” or ignoring her is a damaged girl and/ or a girl so wasted that odds are she’ll throw up on your dick.

If you want to be the kind of guy who girls swoon over and brag to their friends about, treat her well like Jillian’s husband (Scott Shriner of Weezer) and other real men do.

A smart girl with self esteem never brags to her friends about the guy who’s treating her badly, she just trashes him on her podcast and then makes a web series about him. (See Romantic Encounters on Funny of Die)

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