becoming more thoughtful as a partnerBecoming more thoughtful as a partner takes some time.

Looking back now on my past relationships, I can definitely say that all relationships aren’t meant to work out.

Sometimes it’s just about learning the lessons.

And, one lesson that came through loud and clear from all of my past relationships was that I wasn’t as thoughtful as I could’ve been about how to cultivate and maintain a relationship.

So, I am now all about trying to be as thoughtful as I can be when it comes to my relationship and most women appreciate it when their man does, too.

3 Steps to Becoming More Thoughtful as a Partner

Here are a few things that really seem to be working in terms of becoming more thoughtful as a partner.

[list type=”check”][li]Talk night

Designate one night of the week as “talk night.” Turn off all distractions and discuss –what’s working, what’s not working, your goals, your dreams, how far you’ve come together and anything else that comes to mind.[/li]

[li]See the other person as a teacher

Yes, there are things your significant other could do better and you are supposed to kindly bring those to their attention. But, there are also things (believe it or not) that you are supposed to learn from the person you are with.[/li]

[li]It’s all about today

When you wake up in the morning, think about what you can do today to show the other person that you care. What is something thoughtful you can do for them – not next month or tomorrow – but today?[/li][/list]

While all relationships require an ongoing effort and commitment, these few items serve as a great foundation for becoming more thoughtful as a partner and finding relationship success.

Becoming More Thoughtful as a Partner sibylSibyl Chavis is a Harvard-trained lawyer who left the lucrative corporate world on the East coast to create a life of greater clarity and purpose. Formerly in practice at a leading law firm and then Executive Vice President for HR at the largest multicultural advertising agency, she now runs her own business and writes “The Possibility of Today” an online magazine focused on providing simple tips for Living Today Better than Yesterday. She lives in Pasadena, CA with her husband and two children.

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