What are some tell-tale signs that women will convey to a man to let him know she’s interested?

Personally, I know when I like a guy I make time for him in little ways to let know I’m thinking of him, laugh at his jokes, and give him sweet little compliments. I believe that the most appealing women have mastered the art of subtle flirtation, and are able to draw a guy’s attention through the seduction of just being themselves. A girl can let a guy know she is interested, but it is still nice for the man to make the big moves because I think that if a guy is interested he will let it be clearly known.



Have you ever experienced where some guys just can’t take a hint (when you’re not interested in them)? What’s that like?

In that situation, I find that the guy can sometimes be too pushy. If I am not reciprocating their interest, and they are not getting the hint it is hard to take. Usually I am friends with the guy, but the constant attempts make it hard on the friendship. I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but if it comes down to it, I will address it through caring but clear communication. Then, if the guy still doesn’t get it, it usually unfortunately ruins the friendship. Although, I always know that they will one day find a great girl that appreciates him for all their wonderful caring qualities.



Which areas do you think men need the most help when it comes to attraction and meeting new women?

I think men still need to know the importance of being a gentleman. Remembering that women appreciate the little manly sweet touches of opening doors for the woman you are interested in, getting her flowers, asking her out on the first date, not talking badly of others, and making the time for her are very attractive qualities in a guy. It takes a strong man that is confident in himself to be a true gentleman. I love to be treated like a lady, like when the guy I have a crush on guides me into the room by gently placing his hand on the small of my back. To me that says, “I am here. I am the man, but I am one lucky guy to be with a girl like you.” And I think it is a sexy place to be touched by that one special guy. I also strongly believe that a great sense of humor is a big turn on. As Marilyn Monroe was quoted as saying, “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” I personally know that is so true. Making me laugh, gentlemanly behaviors, affection and enjoying myself with a guy just makes me melt!

Molly Morrison, a published fashion, swimsuit and pin-up model. She’s also a finalist for Maxim’s 2014 Hometown Hotties contest. You can find more of Molly on her Facebook fan page. 

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