Author: Erika Jordan

Should We Be Having More Sex?

Why aren’t we having more sex? We live in a society that looks down on those who enjoy playing the field. We might have evolved into a pro monogamous culture but sleeping around is deeply embedded in our genes and instincts and was once simply an obvious solution to increase our chance of survival. For a woman the more men she sleeps with, the more care about her wellbeing. Obviously, you stand a stronger chance conquering the world with a team than as a lone wolf. Some argue that the reason we show no signs of ovulation is so...

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5 Dating Tips for Men

Dating advice doesn’t have to be rocket science or complicated with these 5 dating tips for men. 5 Dating Tips for Men 1) Being nice doesn’t mean anything.  I constantly encounter men who feel a female is obligated to drop to her knees and worship him because he treated her with respect and generosity. Newsflash: Shouldn’t we be kind to each other as a human race just because we happen to all be stumbling through this journey we call life? The idea that a woman should strip off her clothes because you held open the door and listened to...

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Kissing Tips for Guys

Kissing plays a very important role in attraction and having amazing sex. So, what kind of kisser are you? Before we move on to our kissing tips for guys, let’s take a look at the type of kisser you do not want to be. If any of these apply to you, I suggest an intervention for yourself. The Serial Killer Someone who will attempt to choke you with their tongue. Their goal is to get as much of their tongue into your mouth as possible. This might work out if a girl has an excellent gag reflex and doesn’t...

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7 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression with Her

In a hectic dating world it can be difficult to make a lasting impression with her. Do you know what takes to leave a lasting impression? Let’s take a look at the specific areas that can help you become unforgettable to her. [alert type=”notice”]Be sure to check out Instagram for an extra shot of Erika Jordan that we didn’t publish here![/alert] 1) Appearance Matters Before she gets to know you she will see you. In countries like Japan people focus on appearance, but in the states you’ll find socks with flip flops or even worse – green and yellow chipped toenails with...

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11 Types of Toxic Women

Dating can be complicated and there are many types of toxic women out there in the world. Our logical mind, heart, and libido tend to have different ideas regarding who might be the right person to pursue. Learning to tell the difference and find a compromise that makes every part of you happy can be borderline impossible long term. [alert type=”notice”]Be sure to check out Instagram for an extra shot of Erika Jordan that we didn’t publish here![/alert] In my mission to help you date more efficiently and not waste precious time, here’s a list of the different types of toxic women...

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