Why aren’t we having more sex?

We live in a society that looks down on those who enjoy playing the field.

We might have evolved into a pro monogamous culture but sleeping around is deeply embedded in our genes and instincts and was once simply an obvious solution to increase our chance of survival.

For a woman the more men she sleeps with, the more care about her wellbeing.

Obviously, you stand a stronger chance conquering the world with a team than as a lone wolf.

Some argue that the reason we show no signs of ovulation is so that we could be free to cheat. In animal species, the female is guarded when she’s in heat, making fooling around downright impossible.

Men simply spread their seed to help populate the world. Loving up women for the greater good.

It was rewarded and considered noble.

Should We Be Having More Sex?

having more sex 1

So, how did we get to where we are today?

We can blame romantic comedies or the fact that survival isn’t as difficult as it once was.

I can have Trader Joes delivered to my home. I now longer need a man to kill a boar for me.

If all men had harems of women and we have an equal number of men and women that would leave a lot of lonely men in the world.

Yet, we still feel the desire.

We start to miss a characteristic our lover doesn’t possess or we simply crave variety yet we fight the urge to stray. Would we be better off if we just did as we felt?

having more sex 2

The world would be a pretty scary place if everyone acted on every urge.

Our ability to override instincts is what makes us a more intelligent species. But, I’m not saying we should deny ourselves constantly.

The truth is some people get stir crazy in a relationship. Consider that they might not be made for monogamy but at the same time, the thought of their lover with another person doesn’t sit well with them either.

For those that feel they can’t win they need to weigh out consequences and potential outcomes and really get to know themselves and where their desires come from before making any decisions.

Plenty of people are in polygamous relationships and are thriving.

Anything you’re doing with a willing partner that does not hurt anyone is a beautiful thing.

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