Today we are pleased to deliver you our chat with Emma Hernan.  She’s got a few things to say about relationships, commitment and attraction.  Enjoy!
emma hernan interview 1
What do you think the biggest challenge is for men when it comes to relationships?
The biggest challenge for guys in relationships is thinking that they can’t only be with one woman for the rest of there lives which makes them not want to commit!
emma hernan interview 2
How do you think guys can change that?

Guys can change that by not thinking at it as your losing all these random hookups but as getting to be wild and crazy with one girl who you love and trust who is ten times better them all the randoms 😉
Which quality you find most attractive in a guy?

The quality I find most attractive in a guy is there naked back! It turns me on like right when they get out of the shower and just have a towel on there waist!! Soo sexy 😉

Emma Hernan is a Boston girl who is currently living in the City of Angels.  For more, be sure to follow her on Twitter @emmaLhernan, and Instagram @emmahernan


Photography by Rischard Photo