We chat with Bry Jensen and talk about confidence, getting a woman’s attention and more.. 


Thanks for taking the time out to share with us, Bry. Fill us in on what you’ve been up to.

Anytime! I’ve been so busy lately, this year is already taking off in a big way! I am a bikini competitor, so I am getting close to the BC Championships, and hopefully moving on to the National championships after that. I am also a sponsored athlete, so I am working with my sponsors, Magnum Nutraceuticals, to shoot an ad or two with them and I just finished my first magazine spread of the year. It makes me excited for what is to come for the rest of the year!


Where do you see many men fail when it comes to having the confidence needed with women?

With a lot of the men that I come across, the issue is not so much not having confidence, but having misguided confidence that comes across as an overly-inflated ego, or peacocking. Nothing is a bigger turn off than a guy who feels the need to loudly tout, or show off what he believes are his assets the moment a woman walks in the room. I’m not interested in what you bench or how hard you partied the other night — I’d rather see someone secure enough in themselves to NOT put on a show.


What are some unique ways a guy can show a woman he’s interested (without coming off as a try-hard)?

Personal spontaneity!! Nothing is more flattering than a guy who takes a moment to surprise you with an action, a gift or an event that can show he has been interested enough in you to listen and get who you are. After all, the little things are what matter the most. It is so easy to buy the standard flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or first dates, but what I find to be way more effective, special and memorable, is when a guy surprises you by reflecting a part of you. For example, when my guy shows up at my door with a bottle of hot sauce and just says “Happy Tuesday,” not only do I know he gets who I am and what I love, he also thinks I am worth that extra effort.

Bry Jensen is a MAGNUM sponsored athlete, kickboxing instructor, published fitness model and writer, a passionate motivator and personal trainer, a fiery redhead, and a history nerd all wrapped up in one!! Check out her Facebook fan page and be sure to follow her on Twitter @BryJensen