Dating advice doesn’t have to be rocket science or complicated with these 5 dating tips for men.

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5 Dating Tips for Men

1) Being nice doesn’t mean anything. 

I constantly encounter men who feel a female is obligated to drop to her knees and worship him because he treated her with respect and generosity.

Newsflash: Shouldn’t we be kind to each other as a human race just because we happen to all be stumbling through this journey we call life?

The idea that a woman should strip off her clothes because you held open the door and listened to her talk about the death of her grandmother is one of the most frustrating things I encounter with men.

2) Learn to take a hint. 

It’s hard to tell the difference between ‘please chase me’ and ‘no thank you’ and that’s why I’m giving you these dating tips for men, specifically. But, if a woman says she doesn’t want to date you chances are she will do it in a way that will least hurt your feelings.

Oh I’d love to date you, but I’m just not in the right place in my life.

She might be telling the truth but either way, this isn’t the time to get competitive or defensive.

Men have a strong urge to chase and pursue but as humans, we have the intellect to override our primal urges. Just drop it and move on.

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3) Women are sexual creatures too.

She’s slept with men before you came around and that’s ok.

Women have needs just like men do, and most have to deal with being raised to believe that sex is something sacred only to be done with someone with whom you are in a committed relationship.

This can make them feel guilty anytime they allow themselves to get swept up at the moment and have a fun evening with a man that possesses no long-term potential.

Be considerate of this and don’t be a hypocrite.

4) When she says “it’s nothing” it doesn’t mean things are ok.

You can tell she’s upset, you ask her what’s wrong, she says “it’s nothing.

As frustrating as this female phenomenon is the best thing to do is just say “I’m ready to listen when you want to talk about it.

Chances are she might hope it blows over in her mind and doesn’t want to give it any energy or she’s pissed and thinks you know should why.

5) When she asks about your exes.

She asks about your ex-girlfriends not because she cares about the path that leads you to her but because she’s trying to accumulate enough information to validate in her mind that she’s the best you’ve ever had.

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