It’s time for another great feature. Say hello to international glamour model, Kirsten Hart!

She’s going to tell your what traits stand out in a man and her ideal type when it comes to dating. Enjoy!

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Kirsten Hart 3

What is typically the first thing that stands out, or you notice, about a guy?

I love a guy with a great smile and laugh. Especially when he has a contagious laugh that lights up a room.

Kirsten Hart 2

Would you say you have a ‘type’ when it comes to relationships?

I need to be with someone with a big heart. Not a complete softy on the outside but someone that feels comfortable enough to open up and show me that side. I’m a big softy myself so I need that type of love and caring back.

kirsten hart 1

What qualities can a man possess to really make him different/stand out?

Confidence is the sexiest thing a man can have.

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Kirsten Hart is an internationally published glamour model who has been featured in Playboy and more! Be sure to Follow her on Facebook, check out her Twitter and posts Instagram!