Amanda Ellis has been named as one of Atlanta’s best bodies and today the fitness and glamour model joins us to talk about relationships, why men need to take charge and something they should not be doing while on a date.

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How important do you feel it is for a man to take the lead when it comes to meeting women?

I feel as though it is extremely important for a man to take the reigns if they are interested in a woman. Like many women, I tend to be submissive when it comes dating and relationships, so a guy taking the first steps lets me know he is serious about taking things to the next level.

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Where would your ideal first date/meeting place be (or what would you like to do)?

My idea of a first date/meeting would have to involve us doing something active like a cooking class, bowling, hiking etc. and possibly even inviting some of our close friends along.  I am very competitive by nature and I connect best to a man that is as well. I like the idea of bringing friends along not only to help break the ice, but also like to see how the “potential” comes across to my friends.  I am a relationship kind of girl, so if you are going to be in my life I like to know early on if you will be able to hold your own.

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What’s one thing (or more) that a man should not do when getting to know someone?

When a man is trying to get to know someone it is super important not to constantly bring up or communicate with ex girlfriends.  It puts off the “I am not ready for a relationship” vibe and makes the woman have doubts that you are ready to move on.  After you get more acquainted feel free to open up and share past experiences, but if she does not ask chances are that she does not want to hear it.

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Amanda Ellis is a fitness, bikini, and glamour model from Atlanta, Georgia.  She has been published in Playboy Mexico, EasyRiders, various swim/lingerie catalogs, and recently began a fitness blog which you can find on her website and she is looking to enter into her first figure competition this year. Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and check out her Youtube channel and Instagram profile.