We are very pleased to have Molly Morrison back to talk with us about dating and relationships. Read on to find out what she finds to be desirable in a man and her reflection on love.

molly morrison dating and relationship 1

Do you find it attractive when a man takes the lead in a relationship?

Yes! I lean towards liking the traditional rituals of courtship. Of course, that isn’t a rigid thought. I enjoy the give and take, but if you decide where we are going for dinner & show interest in pursuing a relationship it’s a way to show you care & eases some pressure. I do like a man to be a man, but a relationship in my mind should be equal in terms of supporting & caring for each other.

molly morrison dating and relationship 2

What do you consider to be the most attractive or desirable characteristic in a guy?

A sense of humor is by far to me the most desirable quality in a person, men included! Laughter & the ability to look on the bright side of life is so attractive! My celebrity crushes are people like Jonah Hill, Jason Segel, & even Seth Rogan because to me if you can get a girl laughing all of a sudden you are the cutest guy around!

molly morrison dating and relationship 3

Is it better to have loved and lost or never loved at all? Explain.

That’s a difficult question. I think it’s better to have loved & lost because everything is a learning experience, & self-reflection can help make the future happier.

Molly Morrison, a published fashion, swimsuit and pin-up model has been featured in FHM, Maxim and Sports Illustrated. You can find more of Molly on her website and follow her on Facebook

Photos by Brian B. Hayes