be a nice guy and still get the girlIt’s hard for men to be a nice guy and still get the girl.

For some reason all girls are attracted to the assholes, and the assholes get all the exciting action, until HE screws her over.

The nice guy usually gets shit on and walked all over but ends up with the girl over time until SHE screws him over.

So how do you become a mixture of these two guys and hopefully no-one gets screwed over?

How to Be a Nice Guy and Still Get the Girl

Well, I know it drives us crazy when guys play a little hard to get.

Don’t go crazy with this but give us a little chase.

If you’re there every time we turn around then we get bored.

If we know you will always run back to us, the truth is we start to take advantage.

So, play it up a little but make us question whether or not you’ll stick around.

Do something out of the ordinary; flowers and chocolates are a little over rated. Maybe give her a bottle of her favorite wine or snack.

If someone brought me a bottle of white wine and a bag of Lay’s potato chips I would be in love…haha! (But, that’s just me.)

On the date, don’t talk about yourself the whole time.

be a nice guy and still get the girl twoAsk us questions, act like you care and listen!

As you know, girls love to talk. So suck it up for the first date and the second date tell us about yourself.

I still highly believe in opening car doors and sliding out chairs- end of story.

After the first date…GO HOME!

Don’t invite us over. Don’t ask to hang out afterwards. It’s refreshing to know we can go out on a nice date and no matter how well it’s going we’re not pressured to hang out longer.

It also gives us something to look forward to for next time.

And what about the first kiss?

Well, you really need to feel that out for yourself.

If you’re over thinking it and questioning yourself then it’s probably not the right time yet.

If it feels right, then go for it. I do believe you can kiss on the first date, it just shouldn’t be forced.

However, for me, if things were going really great and he kissed me on the cheek goodnight, that would totally keep me interested and curious for next time.

You have to find a way to be sweet and charming, but with an edge.

Keep us interested. Give us a chase but do things in the meantime that let us know you are still interested.

Continue to be yourself but try some of these tips, and hopefully it will help you to land the right girl.

be a nice guy and still get the girl ashleyAshley Michaelsen is a Top 10 Finalist for the 2013 Maxim Hometown Hotties and recent face of Makita Power Tools. She has been featured in Marie Claire, Esquire, and in roles on As The World Turns, The Sopranos, and Law and Order. She currently models, acts, and works on her own self-named fashion line. Be sure to follow her on Twitter @ammichaelsen and visit her at