Ashley Arellano stops by today to talk about healthy relationships,  deal-breakers and what she loves in a man.

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How do you think a man can best encourage a healthy relationship with a women?

A man can encourage a healthy relationship with his girl by being a great listener. It’s also important that a man offers strength and protection (be that emotional or physical) while remaining gentle with his woman and sensitive to certain needs.

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In your eyes, what what are some deal-breakers when it comes to a guys character/behaviors?

I personally love a man that is humble in nature yet confident in himself and his abilities. There is a way to be confident without being “cocky.” Let your actions always speak louder than your words, but it’s ok to “bark” every once in a while 😉  So to answer more specifically, a loud and arrogant man that doesn’t “walk the walk” is a huge turn off to me.

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What are the best ways you like to receive expressions of love/consideration (i.e. touch, words, gifts, time spent together)?

I love it when my man let’s me annoy him (in a cute way, of course) and goes everywhere with me as if he’s my bodyguard. Whether going to the nail salon or to the gym, I like my man by my side and will be right by his in return.

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Name the most attractive quality you can find in a man?

The most attractive qualities I find in a man is one that can make me laugh and one I know is “ride or die” loyal to me and protective over me.

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Ashley Arellano is redefining sexy as President of Health Goddess. She is a motivated and fun single mom ready to help encourage the world to lead a healthier/sexier life no matter what! Ashley is also a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Nutrition Consultant, and a Certified Personal Trainer. Be sure to follow here on Instagram and Facebook

Photos by Drew Dailey