how to get out of a sex slumpAm I in a sex slump?

It’s a question many men (and couples) may face from time to time.

Do you want to take delicious bedroom romping to a new level? If so, you are in the right place!

First, let’s figure out if you are in a sex slump and if your sex life could use an infusion of fun.

Signs of a Sex Slump

If two or more of the following things ring true, then it’s time to step up your game in the bedroom:

[list type=”arrow”][li]You are almost okay with, just as happy to, or actually prefer “taking care of business” on your own[/li]

[li]You’ve stopped trying to prove what an awesome stud you are in the bedroom and no longer put out the effort to ensure she’s so satisfied that she nearly passes out with joy and exhaustion after a zesty session with you[/li]

[li]The frequency with which you are having sex is on a steady decline [/li]

[li]Instead of lasting a yummy 45 minutes, sex is now more about getting in, getting off and getting out [/li]

[li]You’ve noticed a change in the way your woman talks about sex—either she: never talks about it; makes it seem like it’s no big deal to not have it; or jokes that getting a good stiff one is what all women need in order to be truly happy [/li]

[li]When you see your woman naked, you no longer want to immediately jump her bones [/li]

[li]You have sex in the same place in the house almost every time [/li]

[li]You have sex in the same position more often than not [/li]

[li]Either or both of you have started caring less about how you look because, eh, you aren’t going to be getting any, so why bother? [/li]

[li]Your idea of foreplay sounds something like this, “Hey baby, wanna do it?”[/li]


If any of these ring a bell you may be in a sex slump, so read on my friend and see how you can start having the sex you’ve always fantasized about.

Do you want to take delicious bedroom romping to a new level? If so, you are in the right place!

So often, people think talking about sex with their partner from this perspective: “Shhh…if we never talk about it, then everything is fine…right?


Your sex life is too important to not be discussed, especially if you want to rekindle the fire or pour gasoline on an already blazing flame.

The good news is that this “sex talk” doesn’t have to be some drastic dissertation that makes both of you cringe.

This sex conversation is fun and titillating and could lead to the best sex of your life!

While you may initially worry and believe that it just might be the most uncomfortable conversation you’ve ever had, rest assured that I have an easy and exciting way for you and your woman to get over the bedroom humdrums and turn your sex life into the tasty, coma-inducing delight that you always dreamed of.

So, what are you supposed to do and how should you do it?

How to Overcome a Sex Slump

Here’s the plan: while all women are different, most enjoy a romantic dinner.

Take your girl out, have a lovely evening and when you get home tell her that the next time you are intimate you want it to be all about her (she’ll love this and it’ll ease her into the conversation without scaring her off).

Then ask her to list on a piece of paper or tell you verbally (whichever she’s more comfortable with) 5-7 things she loves in the bedroom.

It can be stuff that she knows she likes and wants more of, or things she’s always wanted to try.

It’s likely that just talking about her sexual cravings after your romantic evening will spark her desire to go wrestle in the bedroom.

But even if it doesn’t happen for a few days, the next time you are together pick 2 or 3 things from her list and do them with gusto. Add in another item per week for the next few weeks and enjoy watching her turn from a sweet little kitten into a ravenous tiger.

Most well-satisfied women will do things in the bedroom that’ll make you thankful for the day you were born.

Then give her your own list a few zesty sessions later.

Now that you’ve shown her your dedication to pleasing her in the ways she loves most, and she’s realized how successful The Sex List can be, she’ll likely be more open to doing the very same thing for you.

Before you share your list though, keep in mind that while the naughty video you watched last week while she was asleep may have given you tons of juicy ideas, you don’t want to scare her off with overly wild fantasies (yet).

Save the truly imaginative ones for a little down the road when your sex life is in the happy swing of things.

At the same time, be honest. If you want more oral attention, tell her. If there is a particular way you like something done, tell her. You could say it like this, “I love it when you do X to my Y with your Z…” You get to fill in the blanks! Think of it as naughty MadLibs.

One final thing to keep in mind: a truly happy sexual relationship is based on getting as turned on by satisfying your partner as you are by what your partner does to you.

Women WANT to drive you wild in the sack and we want you to feel the same way about making us purr. Now you have the tools to make that happen and a strategy set in place, so go break the sex slump and start having mind-blowing sex!

What are you waiting for?

how to get out of a sex slump jodiJodi Ambrose is our sex expert here at The Acquiring Man, author of Sex: How to Get More of It (for the guys) and Intimacy: How to Get More of It (for the ladies). She’s also contributed to Playboy radio on the topics of sex, love and relationships. Check out her blog and be sure to follow her on Twitter @JodiAmbrose.

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