Izzie Merey drops by to give you a few tips on dating and how to improve your relationship skills.

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Izzie Merey Interview

What’s a great way for a guy to give you a compliment but not come off as cheesy (or too forward)?

Just be yourself, don’t try to come up with any clichè one liners.


izzie merey interview 1


Which quality/characteristic about a guy do you find the most attractive?

The 4 C’s: Confidence, Cool, Calm, Collected.

izzie merey interview 2

Where/what would you consider a boring first date?

Dinner and a movie.

izzie merey interview 3

What area do you feel men need the most improvement in when it comes to relationships?

To let go of their fears and be able to love their partner wholeheartedly.

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Izzie Merey is a model, host, writer and gear girl.  Be sure to follow for the latest on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.