Figuring out ways to get her attention does not have to be difficult. A good hunter should be a good marksman. So, if you’re hoping to catch some meaty damsels this year, you’ll need the right bait—your persona.  In order to become more than your average charmer, you need to start thinking of seduction as a performance art.

Being a sociable guy, and doing it well, means you can’t just sweet talk, rely on liquid courage and use flattery. Like the Zohan, you should send out strong feel-good vibes, pulling everyone toward you. Ladies will have you on their radar because you’re the ‘it guy.’

  1. Be Talkative with Everyone 

Maximize your attractiveness by being an all-around kind, talkative guy. Don’t limit your attention to just good-looking women. You’ll become a one-trick pony with an obvious conquering mentality, and risk turning the ladies off. Instead, be the guy who’s attractive to all types of women: old, quiet, ordinary—everyone!

The lesson here is that if you’re a generally likeable guy, you’ll increase your positive interactions, creating a ripple effect that will attract the women you really desire.

  1. Be Yourself with Confidence

As corny as it sounds, being yourself is the best way to stand out—after all, there’s only one you. When you try to be someone else, be it the cocky guy, the hipster or the hedge fund snob, your fakeness and insecurities will come through, ruining the quality of your impact on women. So, instead, be yourself with all the quirks included, but do it with self-certainty and pride. The sincerity of who you are is your best asset; you just need the confidence to work it.

  1. Be Engaging

Beyond looks, money and status, a woman wants to be engaged. Whether you can stimulate her through witty conversation or your sense of humor, use your natural qualities to hook her. You can also use your context to help; if you’re at an outdoor get-together or barbecue party, for example, you can join in on a sports game or start mixing drinks for the ladies.

On the other hand, if the context is on a dating app, you’ll have to work harder with your wordplay to keep her attention. Make her have fun chatting with you to show her you’re an experience she shouldn’t miss. However, the type of app you’re using also plays a factor. Tinderellas are usually looking for the smoothest sexter, while choosier babes from CoffeeMeet or WhoWinkedMe will require more verbal enticement.

  1. Dress to Win

Your look is a powerful weapon when sporting for ladies. Yet, when you glance in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see an impressive, put-together man or a horny boy with a Metallica t-shirt and a shabby 5 o’clock shadow? If you’re not sure or you’re hovering in the middle, your image is not presentable enough to attract highly prized women. In this case, consider choosing some outfits that bring out a mature and desirable version of yourself.

  1. Make Eye Contact

A man who’s not intimidated by women will look them straight in the eye. With each interaction you have with a woman, use eye contact—without being creepy—and show her your confidence. This fearlessness and sense of certainty will make you feel more empowered, allowing you to work your magic more effectively. As you both lock eyes together, you increase the chances of chemistry brewing between the two of you—and hopefully something’s in store…

Rachel Esco is a trendy dating and lifestyle writer based in Toronto, known for her spicy articles
intimacy, nightlife and love. Her articles have been featured in chic publications, including
“Huffington Post”, “Life Hacker” and “Women’s Post”.