The Acquiring Man’s Brittany Mason Interview 

Thanks for taking the time to be with us, Brittany. Can you bring us up to date with what’s been happening with you?

A lot the last few months! I recently moved into a cute little house on the beach in Santa Monica. I wanted a little bit of a change from NYC while I am pursuing a few other business opportunities. I love the big city and I still feel like a New Yorker, but being by the ocean and having the sun shining every day is helping me get my creative juices flowing. I am still modeling, but I have a couple of new things up my sleeve I cannot discuss as of yet! Hopefully I can start discussing the specific project I came out here for soon.


Maybe next time.. I’m a huge advocate of being clear on expectations. How important do you think this is to women when it comes to beginning a relationship?

I am so glad you feel that way! Communication is vital to a healthy successful relationship. It is important that both people are on the same page and honest with each other. The problem is when people allow themselves to become jaded from past relationships that hinder them from being open to a new one. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to guard your heart, but it’s only fair to be truthful to yourself and your partner of what you want or what you are ready for. Otherwise you are just closing yourself off from love.


Do you feel being an individual and pursuing interests (outside of each other) help a couple grow stronger/closer?

ABSOLUTELY. I am a firm believer in that actually, because it is all about balance. You fall in love with someone for a reason. They have qualities or some attraction that you don’t have within yourself. That is why people say “opposites attract.” It is important that you each continue doing your hobbies and pursue your own personal goals. A partner is someone you enjoy doing those things with, but not to the point of suffocation or where you lose yourself in the relationship. You have to support each other in your own personal goals. Keep that balance!

Brittany Mason has modeled for worldwide brands and appeared in publications such as Sports Illustrated, Bebe, GQ, Elle, Esquire, Yves Saint Laurent, Ferragamo, Seventeen Magazine and Maxim Magazine. Visit her at and follow on Twitter @brittany_mason.

Photos by Josh Ryan

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