Crystal Maude Smith is a glamour model who grew up in Philadelphia and always had big dreams.  She was the youngest child and has four brothers, so needless to say boys didn’t mess with her.

No one really did because of her family’s ties to the Italian Mafia.  Her Great Grandfather came from Palermo and was Paisano’s with Al Capone, running alcohol during Prohibition.  Al was her grandmother’s Godfather.

Crystal Maude Smith Interview

crystal maude smith 1

What is your biggest turn off when it comes to dating/relationships?

Jealousy is a huge turn off for me. I need a man who is secure and who trusts me completely.

crystal maude smith 2

Where would an ideal first date take place for you?

I think a few drinks, dinner, and a show. That sounds like a great night to me.

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What’s one thing a guy can do to really stand out among the others?

Chivalry! That gets you everywhere with me. It’s a long lost art. I hope it finds it way back

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