Nicole Thorne drops by talk relationships, where men struggle and how he can get noticed more.

What do you think the biggest struggle/challenge is for men when it comes to ‘getting it right’ with women?

Honestly I think the biggest obstacle males face is listening to everyone else’s advice that have no interest in if the ‘relationship’ works or not.

Nicole Thorne - 2

How can they improve that?

They need to follow their own instincts more. Honest heartfelt actions go a lot further than mimicking someone else’s moves.

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Best way a guy can stand out from all the rest?

Personally, confidence is a big factor & genuine interest in one person at a time. Oh, and a big cheeky smile never hurts.

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What’s the quickest way for a man to lose your interest?

Best way to loose a girls interest is talking about ex’s and/or being unreliable. If you say you are going to be somewhere or do something, DO IT, there are very rarely second chances from this girl.

Nicole Thorne is an Australian based model, focusing mainly in street wear, lingerie and swimwear. Be sure to follow Nicole on Instagram and check out her Facebook Page

Photos by Emma Attard Photography