Author: Jason Anthony

Valya Romanova Interview

Meet Valya Romanova. Not only is she glamour model, she is also a surgical physician’s assistant. When she’s not in front of the camera, she’s in the Operating Room working side by side with a surgeon, saving somebody’s life. Today she’s here to shed some light on dating and relationships and what she finds in a great man. [alert type=”notice”]Be sure to check out Instagram for an extra shot of Valya Romanova that we didn’t publish here![/alert] What is the best quality found in a great man? A good man is physically and emotionally strong. A great man is a man who with...

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Candice Elizabeth Interview

Playboy’s Miss Social, August 2014, Candice Elizabeth stops by to talk about relationships and dating with us. What’s your biggest ‘pet peeve’ when it comes to interested men approaching you? There is nothing worse than a massive ego and a guy that expects all women to fall at his feet! It’s usually the incredibly good-looking guys that have that ‘worship me’ attitude, and it just makes them instantly ugly to me. If they make me feel like I’m lucky that they are talking to me, they aren’t worth my time. On the opposite end, what would you say your...

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Elizabeth Sin Interview

With the immense popularity of the Marvel and DC Universes in television and movies, this interview is very fitting. Elizabeth Sin joins us to talk about relationships and superheroes! Win-win.     What do you think surprises most men about you? Honestly, I believe it’s my love of sports. I know a lot about a number of teams, my favorite is The Raiders! My favorite player ever is Lyle Alzado, which is a jaw dropper because I’m way to young to know that name! I like other amazing players that played for Oakland like Jake the Snake, Tim Brown, Jerry Rice,...

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Darcie Dolce Interview

DJ Darcie Dolce joins us to chat about relationships, the biggest hurdle when meeting women at the club and what the renowned DJ has in the works. Darcie Dolce Interview When it comes to relationships where do you think most men get it wrong? Jealousy seems to be a big issue. What do think they’re doing right? So far only one has done it right and I am engaged to him. As a renowned DJ I am sure you see a lot out there – what’s the biggest hurdle to meeting someone in the club? Well, it is always...

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Carrie Minter Interview

Carrie Minter is a model, actress, and businesswoman. You’ve seen her featured in magazines such as GQ, Maxim, FHM, Seventeen, and Playboy and now she’s here to share a few dating tips with us. [alert type=”notice”]Go to Instagram for an extra shot of Carrie Minter that we didn’t publish here![/alert]   Thanks for being with us Carrie. What would you say is the most attractive quality you find in a man?   Honesty!     What do you feel is the most difficult thing for men to understand about women?   Well, let’s just say they should have more patience sometimes....

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