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Where is the first place most men go wrong when getting to know you?

I think the best advice I will ever give any man is that it’s all about presentation. Yelling “hey baby!” doesn’t work. Be a gentleman and come say hello and introduce yourself. If you really think a woman is beautiful then let her know. Screaming from your car or from across the bar isn’t going to work.




Describe the most attractive quality you can find in a man…

I love a man that is selfless. A man that can put others in front of himself. I think it shows heart and it impresses me every time.




What do you like and dislike most about dating (being in a relationship)?

I think the best thing about being in a relationship is the friendship that builds with your partner. I honestly don’t dislike anything about my relationship… but in the past selfishness was the root of all my “dislikes”.




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Cassie Williams is a published model who has been been featured by Playboy Mexico, FHM & Maxim. She was also a winner of one of the 12 spots in the national Wild Turkey American Honey model search. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook