men and emotional intimacyMen and emotional intimacy do not seem like they pair well together.

There is a level of emotional intimacy women are looking for which men have difficulty performing. Don’t worry it has nothing to do with sex…

It’s communicating their emotional state.

Where Men and Emotional Intimacy Don’t Mix

For instance, if a man, after a day at work, is in a bad mood, it would do wonders for the relationship if he simply communicated this. Instead, many men seem to be unaware and therefore helpless in the face of their moods. They often take their lack of self-understanding out on their wives and girlfriends for they have not taken the time to do any emotional introspection.

To compensate, they focus more on being logical and “practical”. This often leads to being argumentative as a means of working out their emotional issues.

Emotional Intimacy Won’t Make You Less of a Man

This alienating behavioral program can be easily avoided if they would, upon returning home, state how they feel. This declaration would give us the information we need to know how to navigate their mood.

This type of simple expression helps to deepen trust for it shows emotional availability. Not just because he’s expressed the mood in question, but because he is willing to put his desire to communicate above his fear of being expressive.

This deepens love through trusting us with his vulnerable side. Simple expression of mood works both ways for then we can also share our mood. Then, whoever has the greatest need is the one that receives support, space to recharge, or whatever provides internal balance while the other assumes the responsibilities of the house.

How Men and Emotional Intimacy Contribute to a Healthy Relationship

Eventually, this open equal communication will allow a couple the ability to navigate each other in mature ways that no longer descend into childish arguments based upon her exhaustion from watching the kids all day long while he’s drained from dealing with customers or employees.

Both need to be fed emotional energy, yet both have to be willing to transcend their raw emotional state to focus on the love that brought them together.

There are many ways to practice emotional awareness. Meditation, therapy, self-help groups and books can make the difference in knowing how to deal with emotions. Taking this time to invest in this self-knowledge will work wonders in your relationships.

men and emotional intimacy sheriSheri McConnell is a mother of four, bestselling author, inspirational speaker, activist, painter and the CEO of the Smart Women’s Institute™, a global company with over 60,000 women subscribers and members.  You can also find her on Twitter @Sheri_Keys.